The Lowdown on the Cut Down: Understanding Tree Removal Services

Why are tree removal services important? Well, if you have ever had the misfortune of a tree falling through your roof, or crushing your power lines, you’ll have a pretty good understanding of why tree removal experts are so awesome.

When a tree falls or is damaged, there is a lot of danger involved for those who don’t know how to handle it. What you need is someone to quickly and safely remove it from your property.

Curious about the process that a tree removal pro will take when it is time to say goodbye to that upstart oak too near your front porch? Well, here is a glimpse of it.

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Check out the space

The first thing a tree removal expert does is examine the area surrounding the tree. Usually, especially in urban areas, trees are in very close proximity to buildings, fences, power lines, phone lines, and other structures that it would be best not to damage. So, first things first — they are going to clear a space for all the falling limbs to land.

Check out the tree

Your tree removal experts are going to base their strategies on the health, size, and location of the tree. Cracked trees, dying trees, and storm damaged trees are unpredictable and sometimes unsafe to climb. These are going to need some careful examination before your tree chopping expert starts scaling the heights.

Chop off the branches

The most frequent course of action in areas in which a tree is hemmed in on all sides by buildings and properties is to remove individual branches. Your urban lumberjack will scurry up the tree with the use of ropes and safety harnesses. He will work from the top down, directing shorn off limbs to land in the previously designated area. The ground crew gathers these branches up and either throws them into a wood chipper, or stacks them in a designated area.

Cutting down the trunk

Once the branches are all removed, it is time to deal with the trunk of the tree. A crane will often be employed for this part of the tree removal venture. Careful maneuvering will ensure that the surrounding structures are undamaged.

Get rid of that stump

Few homeowners or property owners are crazy about keeping a random stump in their lawn. Luckily, most tree removal experts are adroit at grinding out stumps to show your lawn as a pristine haven from asphalt and concrete. A stump grinder will likely be employed as the nimble machine that will chip away the remaining stump down to lawn level and below. Voila! – it is like the tree was never even there.

Chipping and logging

So, what are you going to do with all of the branches and the trunk? You can ask to have it chipped for mulch, or hauled away. If your tree removal crew is especially awesome, they may even be willing to cut up the larger pieces of wood into rounds for you to use as firewood at your next backyard barbecue. Either way, you can be sure your site is neat and tidy by the time the tree removal experts head out.

You might find that you don’t need your whole tree removed. In that case, enlisting the services of the tree experts who can have your trees pruned or trimmed, or do whatever you need in no time. Just be sure that you find a company that provides efficient, safe, and affordable services. Give prospective companies a call to get an estimate and a feel for their work ethic and behavior. You are trusting these guys with your property, so it pays to be choosy.

If you are looking for tree services in the Seattle area, check out one of the locally owned family businesses, like Precision Tree Services. Don’t wait – winter is right around the corner.

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